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Enopi of West Village provides a warm, friendly learning environment geared to the individual child’s level.

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E.nopi Math is a systematic Math Education program that develops computational proficiency, logical reasoning and the ability to apply a variety of problem solving strategies. Classes include individualized instructions focused on computational math and advancement of critical thinking. E.nopi Math follows the recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

E.nopi Reading and Writing is a comprehensive Language Arts program that develops your child’s mastery in reading, writing, listening, and comprehension. With colorful, engaging booklets and teachers who incorporate auditory and visual components to support the learning process, the Reading and Writing classes help your child to progress in a balanced way. The program is based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts (Download English brochure) link

Early E.nopi (targeted to students ages 3.5- 5yr) provides younger children with the head-start they need to excel in the classroom. Focused on math, reading, and writing, Early E.nopi incorporates multisensory teaching strategies that have helped millions of children with various learning styles not only achieve success at school but also get inspired and excited to learn.

Watch our 11 minute short presentation:

Please feel free to download the following materials to help you become more familiar with E.nopi programs:


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E.nopi is proven, self-directed, individualized learning method that nurtures achievement.

The philosophy of the E.nopi system emphasizes that an educational program is most effective when an instructor is able to customize the program itself to meet the individual needs and learning styles of each student, to enable them to realize their maximum potential.

We want to adapt to each child and meet the needs of a variety of young learners, so that students with different learning styles are equally excited and engaged.

Enrollment begins with a skills assessment so that instruction can be tailored to a child's strengths.
By starting from a position of strength, a child will launch into fun and approachable lessons that may use learning aides such as colorful workbooks, various puzzles and cards, and engaging audio to introduce new concepts or revisit basics in a new light.

New concepts are continually revisited in a variety of creative contexts to reinforce mastered skills.

As they progress, kids are motivated by their achievements in a self-paced, activity-based learning atmosphere E.nopi-trained instructors are available to help and encourage students to solve problems when they face difficulties.
This method combined with our specially designed tutorials and workbooks will motivate students to take a proactive and independent approach to learning.

Geared toward ages 3–14, E.nopi programs are aligned with U.S. educational standards and can serve as a supplement to regular academic curriculum, as an opportunity for educational enrichment, or as preparation for the beginning of formal schooling.


E.nopi is Here to Give Your Child the Tools and
The Edge to Succeed in School and Beyond