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E.nopi Introduction

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E.nopi Philosophy


Core Features

  1. Individualized Program: E.nopi is a systemic, individualized program that caters to students of all learning styles utilizing a unique and proven learning method. Every child is unique and therefore has a different learning pace. E.nopi program tailors to the specific needs of the individual child which enable them to advance steadily at an individually comfortable pace. Each child will have a customized starting point depending on their skills regardless of his/her age and/or school grade. Each child’s study progression will depend on the student’s pace of learning.
  2. Develop Critical Thinking Ability: E.nopi focuses on building each student’s foundation in Math and English, as well as helping students to gain self-confidence, interest in learning, and develops a child’s critical thinking and analytical skills.
  3. Small Step: All concepts and skills in the E.nopi program are interrelated. Mastery of basic foundational skills is necessary before advancing to more complex skills. For example, mastery of addition is first and foremost needed. Subtraction is basically the reverse of addition. Multiplication is a repeated addition process, and addition is also needed in multiplication to complete the carryover operations. For division questions, multiplication, addition and subtraction skills are all needed. Therefore, mastery of one skill before moving on the others will result in improvement of a child’s accuracy and speed when completing more complex questions.
  4. Teaching & Learning Materials : E.nopi makes learning interesting and fun. The materials and instructions are delivered to the students through colorful and structured workbooks, worksheets, fun manipulative tools (numerical figures, blocks & shapes, colored blocks, mirror, wooden shapes, thinking bricks, thinking pentos, thinking cubes, puzzles, clear paper, flash cards, audio CDs etc), students are engaged in a learning process that promotes proactive, independent, critical thinking skills necessary for a lifetime of success.
    It provides a true, self-learning application without too much parental oversight. Teaching materials are designed to meet the individual and personal learning needs of each student.
    Each new workbook is slightly more challenging than the previous one.
    In order for a student to advance from one level to another, the student should complete the appropriate workbook and achieve a perfect score.
    All workbooks are graded and the scores are recorded to monitor progress. Students complete pages in their workbooks daily and are generally required to visit the learning center once or twice a week. Each student must have the optimal comprehension and retention of the concepts in order to advance to the next level.
  5. Teaching Methodology: E.nopi is a systematic and individualized education program that has shifted the perspective from the teacher to the student, by placing them at the center of all learning activities. E.nopi program takes the most effective path involving all concerned, Teachers, Parents and the Students.
    The E.nopi method allows each child to advance steadily at an individually comfortable pace. E.nopi encourages students to be self-motivated, independent, and proactive, the very skills necessary for a lifetime of success.
  6. Study Center Flow: After an E.nopi Diagnostic Test is administered, (which discloses strengths and weaknesses) a highly individualized, step-by-step program is created focusing on the exact needs of the student. E.nopi is taught in small groups (3 - 5 students) in classroom setting with rotating one-on-one basis by qualified/certified E.nopi Intructors. Focus may include re-teaching, additional practice, tests and advanced study.
    Classes are typically held after school, sometimes twice per week (45-60 mins per class).
  7. Results Oriented: Our goal is to create an appreciation for hard work and study habits. Structure and learning go hand in hand. Over the years, E.nopi students who dedicate 15-25 minutes (depending on level of difficulty) everyday enjoy the greatest results.
    These students are more prepared for their tests and classroom activities and are confident in their ability to excel because our program encourage young learners to take ownership of their preparation and reward the student for a job well done.
    We are goal oriented and believe every child has what it takes to be in the 100% club. Let our daily lessons put your child on the path to academic success. Students enrolled in the E.nopi MATH program exhibit a superior performance in school classes.

    E.nopi students do not have learning gaps that are frequently seen in others, gaps that can occur even in strong students with good grades.
  8. E.nopi Instructors: All E.nopi instructors are trained in a comprehensive teaching program for their E.nopi certification, ensuring their ability to offer the best E.nopi instruction to each student. E.nopi instructor certification is an on-going process and requires regular training; therefore, our instructors remain current and up to date with all E.nopi teaching methods.

    E.nopi instructors work closely with individual students and their families to develop the best possible study plan and environment for each student. Assessing each student individually allows the instructors to determine whether the student has a need for remedial education or for more advanced study.
    All homework and assigned tasks are carefully assessed by the instructors and overseen by Owner/Director, in order to properly evaluate the progress of each student.

    These regular evaluations provide insight to the student and help determine the proper course corrections needed for the student’s study schedule.